Business Strategy

Given your technology platform and product opportunities, what is the best way to create value? How can you maximize upside potential and mitigate risks? Will investors, industry partners and customers play along?

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Capital Formation

How much money should you raise, when and from whom? Do you know how to position your story? Are your presentation and written materials effective? What will it take to get your first round, or your next round? Are you a candidate to go public?

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Management Services

Do you need a CFO, but can't afford one? Would you like some grey hair on your side of the table? Do you need to make some progress with a little money before you can raise a lot? Do you need someone who can step in now and step aside later?

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Get the Benefits of Experience

David Stone, Managing Director of Liberty Tree Advisors, LLC, has been actively involved in biotech and life sciences for over 30 years.

As a project manager at Genetics Institute David coordinated multidisciplinary teams of scientists developing novel therapeutic proteins. He lead the biotech research teamĀ at Cowen & Company throughout the 1990s, helping companies like Vertex Pharmaceuticals go public and raise follow-on capital. David was a founding partner of Applied Genomic Technology Capital, the first large life science fund at Flagship Ventures.

David founded Liberty Tree Advisors, LLC in 2006 to apply his diverse experience to the needs of emerging life sciences companies.


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